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Annual Inspections
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We peform annual inspections on all general aviation piston typeaircraft, including antiques and warbirds. We are one of only a few shops in the State that encourage owners to participate in the inspection process. We are firm believers that an owner/pilot cannot know enough about their own aircraft. We also work closely with homebuilders (infact, our hangar is occasionally used as a picnic area for local EAA chapter meets)and help keep them on the straight and narrow.

Many owners fear the dreaded "annual inspection" of their aircraft. The reasons vary widely as to why but usually it comes down to what is needed for this aircraft to be kept airworthy both in costs and in time.

Owners should not feel this way at all.

The FARs in Part 91 Section 91.409 list what is required.
(Read thetext of 91.409here.)

The part that confuses owners and worries them is the first part of this FAR.

What is important to note is that the annual inspection DOES NOT REQUIRE any repairs! The inspection (An annual inspection in accordance with part 43 of this chapter) only states the aircraft is in an airworthy or non-airworthy condition. The second half (and has been approved for return to service by a person authorized by Sec. 43.7 of this chapter;) may indeed require repairs. If non-airworthy items are found the owner has options. He can have repairs done by the company inspecting the aircraft, he can make repairs that are allowed under the FARs, he can have repairs made by any A&P using a list of those required repairs.

At Brundage Aviation, we don't want anyone to dread the 'annual'. We inspect, then you decide what you want done with your aircraft. You will not be trapped nor will your aircraft be held hostage. We are always ready and willing to accomplish the repairs needed should that be your decision.

Call us today to schedule your aircrafts inspection and don't forget, we will be happy to do the repairs necessary.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
We offer a wide range of Pre-Purchase assistance.Inspecting a potential purchase accompanied by an A&P/IAshould always be a priority for a buyer prior to making the final decision to purchase any aircraft. Brundage Aviation is here to help.

Our experienced staff can examine and locate items that will assist you in your buying decision and may save you from costly mistakes. Remember, even an aircraft that has just had an Annual Inspection may have items that a new buyer might need to address.

Remember, an Annual and a Pre-Purchase are similar types of inspections however, they are done from a different viewpoint.

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