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Welcome to Brundage Aviation!

Brundage Aviation is owned and operated by Bert Brundage. The company has been established since the seventies and has been located at Taylor since 1998. Bert has extensive experience with all types of engines, including large radials and accumulated 8000+ flight hours mainly on Lockheed Constellations.

We offer many services for aircraft owners in order to keep their aircraft maintained. Our company provides inspections, repairs,restorations and even flight training, from Private Pilot thru Instrument.

We work on just about any general aviation airplane, as long as it fits in the hangar!We also restore vintage lightaircraft. If you are the owner of a fabric covered, antique, or vintage LSA aircraft then you know how difficult it is to find anyone willing to annual or even work on your plane.

Is your local shop knowledgeable about wood, tube, and fabric planes? Do they even have the correct tools for simple jobs, such as changing bungee cords or punch testing fabric? We do.

We are located centrally at Taylor (T74) just East of Austin, Texas,making us ideally situated for the local flying community. Come down to Taylor, fill up with the competitively priced Avgas and come see us!

Brundage Aviation offers many services. From a simple oil change,to an overhaul, we can meet your needs.

Our primary services :

  • Annual & Pre-purchase Inspections

  • New Wood Construction & Wood Repairs

  • Aluminum & Steel Airframe Repairs

  • Stits/Poly Fiber Recovering & Repairs
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication & Repairs

  • Engine Overhauls and Troubleshooting

  • Prop-Strike Inspections & Prop Repairs

  • Flight Training
  • We can also overhaul Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. Pleasecontact usfor any and all of your general aviation needs.

    Bert Brundage, A&P/IA, Owner, Brundage Aviation.

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